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Have an unforgettable experience with your companions while watching the twinkling lights in the sky and the Singapore skyline, only with your Singapore Flyer booking. Get a 360° view of the Marina Bay and beyond as well as a lavish dining experience through various combo packages. The time-capsule takes you through Singapore’s timeline from the past to the future through interactive screens. Along with the Singapore Flyer tickets, benefit from the various combo packages which include attractive locations like Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay when you book your tickets online. These packages are made keeping in mind the famous tourist attractions near Singapore Flyer, so that you do not miss out on any location.

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Overview of Singapore Flyer

Hop on a mesmerising city experience by grabbing the tickets to Asia’s Largest Giant Observation Wheel, Singapore Flyer. Be amazed by the breathtaking view of Singapore’s skyline as well as the dazzling city lights when spending an evening at the flyer. Catch the panoramic view of the Marina Bay and beyond from the Flyer, with your Singapore Flyer Tickets. The Flyer offers the visitors an otherworldly experience by showing them the aerial view of the city from165-metres above the ground. You can also visit the interactive Time Capsule to discover more about the past, present and future of Singapore. Spanning two levels of the Singapore Flyer, it will take you through a multi-sensory time-travel journey of Singapore’s culture, rich heritage and landscape.

The Singapore Flyer not only offers to see the magnificent skyscapes but also a lushful dining experience in the sky. So whether you are with family, friends or on a romantic trip, embark upon this beautiful adventurous ride among the clouds by getting access to the Singapore Flyer Tickets. It is a perfect attraction for all age groups and for any occasion that one may wish to celebrate

Singapore Flyer Tickets Options

Singapore Flyer Admission Ticket

With your Singapore Flyer Tickets, get to see the magnificent view of the city and Marina Bay in the evening hours when the place is dazzling with city lights. You will have access to one-rotation of 30-minutes on the Singapore Flyer in a shared capsule plus an in-capsule audio guide which will take you through the past, present and future of Singapore. The interactive guide will help you learn more about the places of attraction in Singapore through its interactive screens.

Singapore Flyer Sky Dining

Enjoy a lavish sky dining experience while watching the view of the gleaming city lights in the heart of the city, only at Singapore Flyer. At the Singapore Flyer Sky Dining experience, you will have an in-flight host at your service throughout the hour-long dining experience so that you can delight in the panoramic view of the Marina Bay while enjoying your food. The Dining experience for two people includes two-rotations of 30-minutes each on the Singapore Flyer in a shared capsule and complimentary admission to Time-Capsule after the dinner. A 4-course dinner with the choice of western, oriental or vegetarian will be provided.

Singapore Flyer with Time Capsule

The Singapore Flyer Time Capsule will take you on an enriching journey of Singapore’s past, present and future all while you savour the stunning skyline of Singapore from the Singapore Flyer. The Time Capsule Singapore Flyer package includes a journey with the Time Capsule followed by one-rotation of 30-minutes on the Singapore Flyer. It will take you aboard a multi-sensory journey of Singapore’s culture, heritage, history and landscapes. The R65 will be your travelling companion throughout the experience to make sure you get an insight of the story of Singapore through the Singapore Flyer Time Capsule.

Singapore Flyer with Gardens by the Bay

Explore two stunning attractions in Singapore with this single package of Singapore Flyer and Gardens by the Bay. With your Singapore Flyer Tickets, take in the breathtaking view of the city at a height of 165-metres above the ground. Known for its sustainable structure worldwide, Gardens by the Bay is a must visit spot for anyone who visits the country. The Flower dome in the Nature Park showcases thousand-year long olive trees and other flora. Witness the world’s tallest indoor waterfall in the Cloud Forest as well as the desert-like landscape of the Sun Pavilion.

Singapore Flyer with Marina Bay Sands Skypark

One of the largest observation decks in the world, the Skypark Observation Deck at Marina Bay Sands Skypark lets you admire the city’s skyline and other famous attractions such as Gardens by the Bay and Singapore Flyer from 200-metres above the ground. On the Singapore Flyer, you can bask in the view of Singapore’s popular landmarks such as the Marina Bay, Singapore River and Merlion park. This package allows you to observe the city from a bird-eye’s perspective from two distinct attractions in Singapore. It will definitely feel as if you are walking among the clouds.

Singapore Flyer Flight with Universal Studios Singapore

Make the most of your time in Singapore through the combo package of Singapore Flyer with Universal Studios Singapore. One of the most famous attractions near Singapore Flyer, walk across the 7 themed areas based on Hollywood and New York at Universal Studios Singapore. Have a thrilling time by enjoying the rides based on your famous movies and TV shows besides the amazing 4D movies. A magnificent view aboard the Singapore Flyer and an adventurous time at Universal Studios Singapore will make your day as fun as it can get.

Which Is the Best Way to Book Singapore Flyer Ticket Online

As a trusted-platform, we bring forward the best possible deals on your Singapore Flyer Tickets so that you can make the most of your visit there. By booking your tickets in-advance, you can save your vacation time by escaping from the hassle of standing in long lines at the counter as well as benefit from a no-contact service. Travel worry-free and plan your day without any unforeseen troubles arising from a full-booking or shortage of time. Go beyond Singapore Flyer while in Singapore and explore locations like S.E.A. Aquarium and Singapore Cable Car by choosing from one of the combo deals with your Singapore Flyer Tickets.

Book in-Advance: Being a popular destination, the tickets to Singapore Flyer will sell out fast. Thus, escape the trouble of standing in long queue lines under the scorching heat by making your Singapore Flyer booking in advance, online. This will save your time and help you plan your itinerary timely.

Benefit from Discounts: Save your money and time by pre-booking your tickets and get early benefits and discounts on the Singapore Flyer Ticket Price. Such discounts are rarely available when a person goes to buy the ticket at the counter, hence booking online is a better option.

More With Combo Tickets: Choose from a myriad of combo packages available along with your Singapore Flyer Tickets. Combo deals help in learning more about the city and exploring places further without paying an exorbitant amount. Be it Garden by the pays or rides at Universal Studios, we have the best options for you.

Why to Visit Singapore Flyer

  • Be amazed by the magnificent view of Singapore’s skyline from Asia’s Largest Giant Observation Wheel with your Singapore Flyer Tickets
  • Watch the dazzling city lights while enjoying a 360° panoramic view of the city from 165-metres above the ground
  • See a bird’s eye-view of famous attractions like the Marina Bay
  • Get an insight into Singapore’s past, present and future through a multi-sensory journey on the Time Capsule
  • Learn more about Singapore’s story, its rich heritage, culture and landscapes while inside one of the 28 fully air-conditioned capsules through interactive screens
  • Have a 4-course lushful dining experience while admiring the view of the cityscapes
  • Calm your senses by doing a yoga/pilates session on the Singapore Flyer

Lushful Experiences Offered in Singapore Flyer

Build your inner Strength with Yoga

The Singapore Flyer’s Wellness in the Sky offers physical and mental wellness activities to calm your senses and rejuvenate you. Join the 60-minute Yoga/Pilates session in the sky with a small group of no more than 4 participants, ensuring that you get your instructor’s full attention. It will be a new experience to cross off your bucket list.

Time Capsule

Get to know the story of Singapore with R65, an interactive time capsule that will take you through Singapore’s past, present and future. The Time Capsule is a multi-sensory attraction of Singapore that will give you significant insight into its culture, heritage, history and landscapes through innovative screens and technology.

Sky Dining

Experience the world’s first full service sky dining experience aboard the Singapore Flyer. An in-flight host will be at your service throughout the hour-long experience so that you can be mesmerised by the gorgeous view of the city while enjoying your food. A 4-course meal will be provided with an option to choose from vegetarian, western or oriental meals.

Enjoy Singapore's Famous Cocktail Sling

Sip on a refreshing and tropical cocktail while touring the city of Singapore from the Singapore flyer. Made from the freshest ingredients, the cocktail is hand-shaken and served chilled. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the view outside the window. An experience like no other, it will leave you with unforgettable memories of the cocktail sling.

Private Capsule

Either you are here for a meeting or a celebration with your family, a romantic date or a party, the Private Capsule on the Singapore Flyer is the perfect place to host your event. An exclusive capsule which can fit upto 28 guests, it offers one-rotation of 30-minutes and a picturesque view of the city for your event.

Premium Champagne Experience

Enjoy a sparkling champagne in the comfort of a spacious capsule on the Singapore Flyer. On a romantic date or for a celebration, the premium champagne experience will surely impress your companions. Savour a glass of champagne and an assortment of nuts, all while being delighted by the view of the spectacular Marina Bay.

Interesting Facts About Singapore Flyer

  • The numbers 2 and 8 are considered to be lucky in Chinese astrology. Surprisingly, the Singapore Flyer has 28 capsules, each measuring 4-metres x 7-metres and can accommodate upto 28 passengers in a single cell.
  • The Singapore Flyer measures 165-metres in height which is about the height of a 42-storey building! Or to make it a little amusing, you can describe it as ‘31 male giraffes stacked on top of one another’.
  • The flyer is 150-metres in diameter. That is about 87 Singaporean men lying down head-to-toe.
  • The flyer takes a maximum of 784 passengers per flight.
  • Each rotation on the flyer is about 30-minutes. Thanks to its precise wind engineering design, it can rotate smoothly even under high pressure winds, giving you a smooth and safe ride.
  • From the flyer you can view as far as a distance of 45 km. You can catch a glimpse of Changi Airport, Sentosa Island, and even parts of Malaysia and Indonesia.
  • The Singapore Flyer is the tallest ferris wheel in Asia and one of the largest observation wheel in the world.
  • Not just an observation wheel, you can also experience the world’s first full butler sky-dining experience atop the Singapore Flyer. The 4-course meal has various options to choose from along with a bottle of Champagne and wine to enjoy your visit

Places to Visit Near Singapore Flyer

Enjoy at Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is an iconic destination of Singapore, known all over the world for its man-made built structures housing a variety of flora and fauna. It has three waterfront gardens (Bay South, Bay East, and Bay Central). Be amazed by the view of the Cloud Forest which houses the second-tallest waterfall. You can also see thousand-year old olive trees, giant baobabs and other exotic plants in the Flower doom. Walk amidst the SuperTree Grove which is 25-metres long, housing different plants. A horticulture paradise, Gardens by the Bay will leave you mesmerised by its beauty and structure.

Universal Studios Singapore

Taste the adrenaline rush of thrilling adventure rides only at Universal Studios Singapore on Sentosa Island. These fun-packed rides are based on your favourite television shows and movies such as Jurassic Park and Revenge of the Mummy, spread out into seven multi-thematic zones such as Hollywood, Sci Fi City and New York. Immerse yourself in the world of Hollywood by watching the amazing 4D movies. Meet and Greet with different cartoon characters, enjoy the roller coaster and other rides as well as have a bite at the various dining options available at the place.

S.E.A Aquarium

Dive into an underwater journey at one of the world’s largest aquariums in the world. The S.E.A. Aquarium features a variety of marine animals such as the Manta Ray. Dart Frogs and a variety of corals, all while sipping and dining with your companions, friends or family. The aquarium is divided into 9 zones, each offering a different journey through the animal’s habitats. Inside, you will find the Open Ocean Dome showcasing a panoramic 180° view of the marine life, an Open Ocean Gallery with a fine-dine experience and an Ocean Restaurant.

Adventure Cove Waterpark

Make your day more fun by visiting the Adventure Cove Waterpark full of high-speed water slides and rides with marine life. Located at Sentosa Island, the place offers a lot of exciting activities such as Snorkelling in the company of tropical fishes, beating the heat in a Giant Water Bucket and racing on a Duelling racer water slide. For a thrilling experience, take the Riptide Rocket, a hydro-magnetic coaster with steep turns and the twisting Pipeline Plunge. The Park is the perfect destination to beat-the-heat with thrilling water rides.

Singapore Cable Car

Ride the Singapore Cable Car Sky Network from Faber Peak Singapore into the island and view the beauty of Sentosa’s jungles, scenic beauty and one of Singapore’s highest peaks while riding. The cable car network follows 2 lines and has a total of 6 stations to choose from. A wonderful time to enjoy with family, view Singapore’s famous popular tourist spots such as Universal Studios Singapore and Resorts World Sentosa’s Adventure Cove from an aerial view through the cable car ride.

Marina Bay Sands

Located right in the heart of Singapore, Marina Bay Sands offers a panoramic view of Singapore from 200-metres above the ground. Marina Bay Sands is a city skyscape and a luxury hotel consisting of three tapering towers and one observation deck. The SkyPark Observation Deck on Marina Bay which is also one of the largest Observation decks in the World is located on the 57th floor. It offers a bird's-eye view of the city and famous attractions like Gardens by the Bay. The Skypark has an infinite swimming pool, gardens and a jogging path as well, providing a delightful experience to the visitors.

Know Before You Book Singapore Flyer Tickets

How to Reach

Opening Hours & Closing Time:

From Thursday- Monday and on Public Holidays:

First Flight: 3:00 PM

Last Flight: 09:30 PM

The flight operations are closed from Tuesday- Wednesday

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit Singapore Flyer is definitely during sunsets. At this time, one can enjoy the breathtaking view of the sun at dusk from 165-metres above the ground. To avoid the crowd, you can visit the place in the early opening hours and later in the evenings at around 03:00 PM and 09:00 PM respectively.

Singapore Flyer is located at 30 Raffles Avenue, Singapore 039803

MRT: Take the Promenade MRT (CC4, DT15) to Promenade Station, Exit A . From there, the Singapore Flyer is just an 8-minute walk.

By Bus: The nearest bus stop is located opposite Ritz-Carlton (Bus Stop 02171). The SMRT also operates a bus service from City Hall MRT Station to Singapore Flyer every 5 minutes.

By Car: One can easily reach Singapore Flyer from the Central Business District (CBD) which is a 5-minute ride to the destination. It takes 10 minutes from the Orchard Road and 20 minutes from the Changi Airport

  • Visit the place at dusk to catch the view of the sunset from atop the Flyer
  • Pre-booking your Singapore Flyer tickets will ensure that you have a confirmed booking without the need to wait in long lines
  • To avoid crowds, you may visit the flyer in the early opening hours and late in the evening
  • Benefit from combo deals and packages along with your Singapore Flyer Ticket Price when booking online

Singapore Flyer has ramps, lifts and handicapped toilets in and around the facility to make it easier for wheel-chair bound people to access their services. Specific parking lots are situated right next to the lift to reach the ticketing counter directly.

FAQ's of Singapore Flyer Tickets

What is so special about the Singapore Flyer?

The Singapore Flyer is a one-of-its kind experience which lets the visitors enjoy the aerial view of the city and its many attractions. Included in your Singapore Flyer Price Ticket, will also be a Time Capsule experience which will take you through Singapore’s history and future. Not just an observation deck, it also offers a fully hosted skydning experience, premium champagne and Singapore Sling experience as well as a Yoga/ Pilates session for your physical wellbeing. It will leave you with unforgettable memories and a unique experience.

What is the maximum capacity that can be included in one Singapore Flyer Ticket?

One Singapore Flyer Price Ticket hosts one person. All people who are 3 years or above the age of 3 years are required to buy a ticket. Children below the age of 3 years can ride even without a Singapore Flyer Ticket, free of charge.

How many capsules are there in the Singapore Flyer?

There are a total of 28 capsules in the Singapore Flyer. Each capsule can comfortably accommodate 28 people.

What is the view from atop you will get on Singapore Flyer Ticket?

Aboard the Singapore Flyer, passengers can see upto a distance of 45 km. Famous attractions in Singapore such as Singapore’s East coast, Marina Barrage and Gardens by the Bay can be seen. As well as you can catch a glimpse of the neighbouring islands of Malaysia and Indonesia. While coming down, see the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort and the National Stadium, all with your Singapore Flyer Ticket.

What are the inclusions you will get inside each capsule you book a Singapore Flyer Ticket?

Inside each capsule, you will find 2 LED Screens for a multimedia in-capsule experience as well as 4 Air-conditioning systems. There will also be 4 detachable benches, security cameras, intercom system, smoke and fire detector for safety purposes.


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